“pageok” Blank Page Error

When you’re going brook a replacement web site, usually you’ll purpose the name DNS A-record to the science address of the new hosting. when four to twenty four hours, all you see is “pageok“. WTF? Don’t worry. It’s a straightforward fix. you only incomprehensible a step.

Chances square measure, you’re victimisation GoDaddy as your internet host.

You might attempt to search Google for a solution, and even Godaddy’s support website wherever you may realize confusion and unhelpful statements from support employees like “it is tough to troubleshoot the issue” and “you’ll ought to get up-to-date with our support team“.
Actually, the difficulty is incredibly easy.

The pageok message can occur once there's a record in DNS that's inform to your hosting server, however the name isn't established in your hosting account. This issue solely affects Linux hosting accounts. There square measure 2 doable solutions.
1. Set the name in Hosting

Step one, ensure you've got the name established in your hosting account. for each host entry (“A” record, or “@” record) that you simply tack together in your domain’s DNS, you need to set the name in your hosting account.

To do this through GoDaddy’s admin:

move to your hosting electrical device
choose “Hosted Domains”
Add the domain or subdomain

2. is that the “Hosted Domain” Pending?

Make sure the entry you created within the “Hosted Domains” section of your hosting electrical device isn't still unfinished setup. after you add a website to your hosting account, it will take an extended time. Up to twenty four hours, in fact.

To check if yours continues to be pending:

move to your hosting electrical device
choose “Hosted Domains”
realize your entry and check its standing. If its standing is “pending” then you're progressing to see a pageok message.

If all else fails…

If that doesn’t work, you will be viewing a cached page.